We have accident injury rehabilitation centers throughout South Florida.
The correct Diagnosis and Treatment is essential for potential claims.
Car Accident or Slip or Fall?
Our Treatment Plans Involve A Collaborative Approach

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About Us

Miami Accident Center is the premier accident injury rehabilitation center for people that have been injured in auto accidents, work related accidents, sports injuries and slip & fall accidents. The doctors at Miami Accident Center are highly qualified in the treatment of acute pain from accident injuries as well as chronic pain from neck, mid back, low back and extremity pain.

Dr. Dean Zusmer, DC and his trusted team of professionals use a multitude of treatments to better their patient’s recovery time and improve outcomes. Some of the modalities and procedures used at Miami Accident Center include:

•. Light-force Chiropractic Adjustments

•  Ultrasound Therapy

•  Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

•  Cold Laser Therapy

•  Massage Therapy

•. Therapeutic Exercises

•. And more!

We develop a specific care plan for each patient based on their individual needs for a quick, healthy-healing recovery process.

Accident Type

If you have been in a car accident, it is of paramount importance that you seek treatment quickly. The time to seek chiropractic treatment is within the first couple of days after an accident, even if you feel no pain.
Slip and fall accidents can occur within a person’s own home, but often they happen outside of the home as a result of negligence on the part of other property or business owners. Injuries from a slip and fall can include neck sprains, vertebral subluxation, muscle strains, slipped discs, nerve damage and sciatica.
If you were in a motorcycle accident, seek immediate medical attention. It is important to be evaluated as soon as possible. Common injuries of a motorcycle accident include: Road rash, head, spinal, neck, low back and extremities.
Miami Accident Center rehabilitation services include: Ultrasound Therapy, Mechanical Traction, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustments, Spinal Decompression, Cryotherapy, Moist Heat Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Therapeutic Exercises, Manual Therapy and Electrical Muscle Stimulation.


  • Dr. Dean and his staff are professional, experienced and attentive to their patients.. fastest way to recover after an accident. I highly recommend!

    Manal Tarhini
    Manal Tarhini Miami Accident Center
  • Excellent profesional and effective service

    Designers Laboratory
    Designers Laboratory Miami Accident Center
  • Professional, knowledgeable, and just great all around Doctors.

    Jason Levine
    Jason Levine Miami Accident Center
  • Dr. Dean helps a lot with back and neck pain. I would recommend Miami Accident Center to anyone 🙂

    Patricia Herrera
    Patricia Herrera Miami Accident Center
  • Dr. Dean is one of the best out there. His office, staff are attentive and professional. I've seen him personally for treatment. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a doctor after a car accident or any other neck or back injury.

    Dominique Morales Miami Accident Center
  • Professional and excellent service. Five stars!

    Charlie Batista
    Charlie Batista Miami Accident Center
  • Professional chiropractic services, reccomended for anyone in the area suffering from pain or an accident

    Donato Rizzolo
    Donato Rizzolo Miami Accident Center
  • Very prompt, professional and caring office.

    Richard Samperisi
    Richard Samperisi Miami Accident Center
  • Five Star Service!

    Jesse Soffer
    Jesse Soffer Miami Accident Center
  • Amazing Five Star Service!

    Ana Alice Araujo
    Ana Alice Araujo Miami Accident Center


  • Dr Dean and staff are so caring. When I first started treatment there I was in extreme pain. They did everything to make sure I was comfortable and receiving the appropriate treatment! He is one who actually listens to his patients. When I couldn't do a certain exercise he did not push me to do it anyway. I will highly recommend him to anyone!

    Kaprice Tropnas
    Kaprice Tropnas Miami Accident Center
  • I received outstanding service & most important my pain went from a 7 to a 3 (from a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst) during the first visit. I truly recommend Miami Accident Center!  

    Isaura Paredes
    Isaura Paredes Miami Accident Center
  • Miami Accident Center is an extremely professional medical center with a great staff. Dr. Zusmer is one of the best chiropractors in town. I highly encourage anyone in need of a top notch chiropractor to visit.

    Andrew Shamis
    Andrew Shamis MIami Accident Center
  • Had a car accident And hurt my shoulder and my neck couple weeks ago. I looked up where to go and find this doctor Dean guy, he is a very good guy.He was very patient and took care of me and my pain. Thank you doctor Dean. I recommend anyone and everyone.

    Bethleemy Larose
    Bethleemy Larose Miami Accident Center
  • Dr. Dean Zusmer is intelligent, professional and extremely caring for his patients. I came in with a neck injury and within a few treatments, I was completely healed. I highly recommend his services for all your chiropractic needs. Thank you Dr. Zusmer!

    Rob Jurewicz
    Rob Jurewicz Miami Accident Center
  • I went to the Miami Accident Center after hurting my back and neck in a car accident. The employees were very attentive to me. The doctor, besides being very nice, is a very professional person. He answered all my questions and explained each step of the process. The same day my therapy began and in a few weeks I felt much better. I am very grateful to Dr. Dean and I recommend it to anyone who like me needs a chiropractor.

    Ania Gonzalez
    Ania Gonzalez Miami Accident Center

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