Accidents can happen in the flash of an eye, and while many people may feel grateful to escape relatively unharmed, even a minor accident can cause painful injuries that take a long time to heal. After any kind of accident, be it a slip and fall accident or a vehicle collision, it is vital to seek medical treatment. While minor accidents do not cause life threatening injuries requiring emergency treatment, injury can still be serious and cause long term damage if not treated promptly. Because many injuries are not immediately apparent due to delayed symptoms, a medical evaluation and consultation should be sought after an accident to prevent the risk of injuries worsening over time and causing chronic pain.

Car accident medical evaluation and treatment

Injury symptoms after a car accident include headaches, back ache, tension and pain in the neck and shoulders and loss of feeling and tingling in the hands. These symptoms of whiplash are not only extremely painful, but also usually indicate deeper injury that should be treated by a chiropractor or physiotherapist. Following a car accident, medical evaluation in Miami can be sought at Miami Accident Center, where a team of experienced professionals will be able to diagnose and suggest treatment.

Slip and fall medical evaluation and treatment

Slipping and falling on a hard surface is a common injury that results in chronic pain. Sudden impact on the body can cause bruising and other damage to the muscles, tendons and ligaments, and also injure the spine. Florida residents experiencing pain should seek a slip and fall medical evaluation at Miami Accident Center. Injury to the spine should not be taken lightly, and can cause long term nerve damage that affects a patient’s productivity and quality of life. Left untreated, many ‘minor’ spinal injuries will worsen with time, eventually requiring invasive surgery. Treatment is essential, but is only possible after a proper accident medical evaluation has taken place.

For professional accident medical evaluation in Miami, consulting with a specialist at an accident clinic is advised. Miami Accident Center is run by a team of experienced chiropractors and physiotherapists who are familiar with accident injuries and their treatment. Injuries that are not treated will continue to cause pain and worsen over time. Prompt treatment that combines chiropractic manipulation and massage therapy along with physical therapy exercises and lifestyle advice can relieve pain associated with slip and fall and motor vehicle accidents, and promote a speedy recovery process.

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