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What Are The Benefits of a Morning Run?

Running in the morning is a great way to start your day. It will help to stimulate your metabolism and get you charged for your day. You will be better able to focus on required tasks, which will better increase your productivity. Getting your run done in the morning will also put your mind at ease and lower your stress levels, knowing that you have already done your workout for the day.

Research has proven that running and exercising in the morning can also help you to lose weight quicker. The body burns calories at a faster rate during the day due to an increased metabolism. Another advantage is that early morning workouts will help you get tired in the evenings so you will go to bed earlier.  By going to bed earlier, you will have less time to snack and thus you will be taking in less calories during your day. The reduction in calories will help you maintain a healthy weight for your height and body type.

Several good tips for a Morning Run

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time in the morning for your run to avoid going in late to work. There’s nothing that ruins a day faster than getting yelled at by your boss! If you plan on doing a 20 minute run in the morning, allow yourself  and extra 10 minutes or so to cool down before getting in the shower. It also may be a good idea to wear a watch during your morning run so you know what time it is. If you are running behind schedule you know that it is time to pick up the pace!!

Before you start your run, get the clothes you plan on wearing to work all picked out. Also, remember to eat a healthy breakfast. Try and get all of your household chores done the night before, that way you will not be consumed by what you need to do when you finish exercising.

If you are running on a track that you have to drive to, make sure to leave at least 30 minutes ahead of time. You never know when traffic might interfere with your plans. If your alarm fails to wake you up, don’t skip your workout, but rather work out in your own neighborhood instead of driving to the track that day.

Once you start your regular morning runs and do them consistently for a while, you will increase your fitness level. At some point you may want to add to your exercise routing by running in the morning and then lifting weights in the evening. This is known as a two-a-day split, and will boost your weight loss, help you burn fat, build lean muscle and strong bones. Try to do this routine three to four times per week to reach your fitness goals.

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