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Chiropractic Care for Children

What do ear infections and chiropractic children’s  therapies have in common?  At first glance, not much.  However, there is a powerful tie-in between chiropractic treatments and the prevention of ear infection treatment.

Before they are a year of age, most children will suffer from a middle child ear infection (otitis media).  By the age of three, that number moves to two thirds of all children. Infections ear are an unpleasant experience for children and parents alike.  Chiropractic children friendly adjustments and therapies can help mitigate and eliminate this misery.

If you have ever looked inside the ear of a child afflicted with a middle infection ear, you can see fluid built up behind the ear drum, a common symptom of a bacterial or viral infection. Infections ear  frequently lead to other illness such as a cold.  Unfortunately, many children experience ear infection treatment on a recurring basis.  These recurring infections can cause problems down the road in the form of hearing damage, speech and developmental problems.

What Causes an Child Ear Infection?

At the root of the children ear infection is the lymph system in the neck.  This is the system that is supposed to protect the eustacean tubes from invading bacteria and viruses.  When this system does not drain correctly, it opens the door for an infection.  Children are especially prone to ear infection treatment because of the shape of their eustacean tubes and the fact that children spend less time upright than adults.

For many children, the reason infections ear  recur is mechanical in nature.  Either the lymph vessels are blocked and cannot drain, or the small muscle near the opening of the eustacean tube allows bacteria from the mouth to sneak into the ear.  Instead of antibacterial or antiviral courses of medication, consider chiropractic children’s adjustments and therapies that restore drainage of the lymph system.

Antibiotics are frequently prescribed to treat child ear infections treatment, and they do work to treat the infection.  However, antibiotics have disadvantages:

  • Do little to prevent recurring infection
  • Are minimally more effective than the body’s immune system
  • Antibiotic use is leading to aggressive, drug resistant bacteria.  So it is a good idea to seek other options before subjecting a child to multiple courses of antibiotics.

Another course of treatment involves surgery.  A small opening is cut in the eardrum and the surgeon places a small tube in the opening.  This procedure can relieve the pressure and help to prevent fluid build-up.  Eventually the body pushes out the tube and closes the hole.  While this is an effective treatment, it does little to address the root cause of the infection, the malfunction of the lymph system.   Also, it causes a great deal of discomfort to the child, which also causes the parent(s) misery.

Our chiropractors treat children’s ear infections.  They can provide another option, a natural treatment.  This treatment involves corrections and therapies that restore normal function to the lymph system, preventing fluid backup and stopping the infections before they even start.  The best thing about chiropractic treatment of children is that there is no invasive surgery or harsh antibiotics.  The body’s natural function is restored, freeing the child from cyclical ear infections.  Children and chiropractics are a natural fit for one another because chiropractic technique is non-invasive and gentle.

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