The Core, Wellness, Chiropractic Care and Fitness

In particular, the core is critical to wellness, chiropractic treatment success, and fitness.  The core is defined as the area of the body that extends from the top of the abdomen to just above the knees.  It is the center of gravity for the body, and central to every body function.  When the core is in top form, the rest of the body follows.  When the core is flexible and strong, the back is reinforced, which reduces the chances of injury.

How Fitness and Chiropractic Treatment Work Together

With chiropractic care, everything in the physical body gets better.  The treatments administered by Chiropractors position the body to achieve top physical condition by improving circulation, nervous system efficiency, and reducing friction in the joints and muscles.  Chiropractic care and fitness together improve fitness by helping the muscles and joints to be fully movable.  When exercising with reduced mobility, it is easy to injure yourself.

Here is a little metaphor to ponder.  If you are riding a bicycle while pedaling and breaking at the same time, you are in for a bumpy ride that down to the pavement.  This is similar to what happens when the body is out of alignment.  You pedal and your body brakes.  In order to achieve the highest fitness, chiropractic care is necessary to allow the body to reach full potential.

Exercise to Improve Fitness, Chiropractic Success, and Overall Wellness

We understand that not everybody out there is a fitness guru determined to seek optimal physical condition.  Thus we present several simple exercises that merge chiropractic, wellness, and fitness.  These exercises require no special equipment and are not strenuous, but each will help the back to stay in alignment and relax the muscles.  If you do not already have a regular fitness regimen, go easy on yourself the first couple of times you do them.

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