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Neck Pain and Headaches Treatment

Headaches are common, we all get them.  Neck pain including the suboccipital (neck) muscles also cause this pain. Our Miami Chiropractors have been successfully treating headaches for many years.  Pain present in many different ways.  Sometimes it is just a dull ache, sometimes it is a squeezing sensation that makes the head feel like it might explode. Other times the pain lurches down the neck and into the shoulders causing the top fifth of the body to feel miserable. Other times it is a pounding, throbbing sensation that may be accompanied by extreme tiredness, nausea, and sensitivity to things that affect the five senses.

Triggers for Headache and Neck Pain

Neck pain and headaches can be caused by a number of causes.  It can be anything from sleeping improperly, to tiredness, to drug interactions, blood sugar issues, stress, subluxations, and more. The most common types of head pains are:

  • Tension Headaches
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Cluster Headaches

There are a variety of triggers that can cause pain neck and head pains to occur.  Stress, food sensitivities, offensive odors, toxic fumes, menstrual cycles, changes in weather are common external triggers. Emotional factors such as depression, anxiety, disappointment, and even positive stimuli such as excitement can trigger a headache.

The foods we eat can cause pain neck, headache, and other grief for our bodies.  Nitrites, commonly found in red wine and processed meat, are a common trigger.  Tyramine is an amino acid frequently found in ripened cheeses such as cheddar or brie, chocolate, or fermented foods.

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is another big trigger.  Although this food additive has a bad rap, it is present in a staggering number of foods.  In addition to causing headaches and neck pain, Miami residents should be aware that it is related to a wrath of nasty conditions.  Overall it is a food to avoid.  Be sure to check the labels on all the foods you buy to avoid this common headache trigger.

Poisons and toxins are another big trigger for pain neck, headache, and other health problems.  Poisons and toxins can be hidden in seemingly innocent products such as household cleaners and insecticides.  A hidden source of poison is lead in paints, which can find their way into children’s mouths and even drift into foods.  Lead-based batteries and decorative lead-glazed pottery can also be sources of exposure to this common headache trigger.

Treatment for Neck Pain in Miami

The best thing to do is to understand what causes the headache and pain neck.  It is helpful to keep a journal of foods eaten, emotions, and potential toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis.  Over time, your notes can help you to understand the cause of those headaches.

If it is not something that you can omit from your diet or a toxin you can simply avoid it is advisable to seek treatment. Since most doctors can only prescribe a medication, chiropractic treatment is an excellent way to treat the root cause.  For quality chiropractic treatment for headaches and neck pain, Miami area residents can count on us.  We have years of experience helping our Miami-based patients get relief from those pesky headaches, and we look forward to freeing you from the pain too.

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