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Miami Accident Centers regularly perform the driver license Miami CDL medical examination. Since it can be difficult to understand what the requirements are, we will explain them here:

  • Your vision must be 20/40 correctable vision in each eye. Glasses or contact lenses are allowed.
  • If you are diabetic, your condition must be controllable through diet or oral medication. Needle injected insulin diabetics are not allowed to have a CDL.
  • Blood pressure must be:
    • 140 – 159/90 – 99 for one year certificate
    • 160 – 179/100 – 109 for a three-month certificate
    • Pressure that exceeds 180/110 is disqualifying

*medication to control blood pressure is allowed

  • Blood sugar levels must be under 200.
  • Applicants that have a record of cardiac insufficiency cardiac failure or other cardiovascular disease are required to provide. Your physician must also sign a release that states you are able to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Applicants must be free and clear of schedule 1 drugs, amphetamines, narcotics, and any other habit-forming drugs.

In addition to the above listed requirements, there are other conditions that can prevent you from obtaining your commercial driver license.  Florida residents should be aware of these other obstacles. Sleep apnea, major surgery, hernia, recent workers compensation claims, recent injury, and other conditions can hold up or deny or result in a denied application.

Your physician should be your first resource for questions about your health. Miami Accident Center can also assist you with many of your concerns or questions.

Should you require improved health to obtain your commercial driver license, Miami residents can look to us for coaching, therapy, and holistic advice to set you on the right path. As chiropractors, our team is unable to prescribe medications, but our patients often find their chiropractic treatments are more effective than traditional medicine.

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Physical Exam

The state of Florida requires that all applicants for a commercial driver license successfully complete a physical exam and meet certain physical requirements. At Miami Accident Center, we are authorized to complete these examinations for our patients. A commercial driver license is required for people who work as semi – truck drivers or operate specific heavy machinery and other commercial vehicles.

The results of the examination must be recorded in the DOT (Department of Transportation) Physical Form and included in your application for a commercial driver license. For your convenience, our offices have these applications on file. Other requirements include:

  • Two forms of identification such as, a Florida driver license and birth certificate.
  • Your Social Security number.
  • Proof of current address.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Meet medical eligibility requirements.
  • Present a valid medical examination report.
  • Take and pass all required tests.
  • Pay all fees.

Commercial driver license applicants in Miami can come to us for the required examination.  As authorized medical examiners, we assess whether you meet medical eligibility requirements.   While most people pass the examination, in the instance that you do not, we can offer coaching, treatment, and advice, plus re-examination in the future.

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    The DOT physical examination is necessary because your health is critical to safety as a driver, especially when you consider the size and power of the vehicles you will be operating.

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Obtaining a commercial drivers license in Florida is a crucial first step for anybody that wishes to do long-haul trucking or other commercial driving as a career. Applicants for the commercial drivers license in Miami are welcome to contact us at any time with their questions about the commercial driver license application medical examination.

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